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After several weeks of this and the spirit of blogging and the incessant search traffic, in fact I get my conclusion that the most telling way to increase traffic by blogwalking is why I so? due to the increase blog traffic with the technical meaning in the SEO traffic from search engines is that it takes time instant. Just imagine our sensitive and rapid increase traffic, but we must wait for the articles in the first search engine index,I have to rank in search engines, was not there so I sort of come:) in my posting yesterday about the increase traffic on the blog are mothers who rierie red when I do blogwalking techniques to increase traffic. I have to rank in search engines, but I was not so sure I would blogwalking can increase traffic with accurate, I'm not going understand people concerning ways to increase traffic.

but after I imitate what the lakuan teman2 all the bloggers out of tricks to increase traffic to the correct blogwalking stroke, all of the newcomers this blog is my results blogwalking, I was a little traffic, because I did not do so many blogs, and I think this may rank what - what in Google. But from the results that I describe above I conclude that the tricks that make the most telling is to improve traffic blogwalking, how with you? On concurred with me? or have their own conclusions about the increase traffic? I can share here:) you can recount how you improve traffic, you experience when trying to increase traffic. basically what I question international traffic, the countdown - a countdown on the right to share this as I am:) I was sort of like the blessing you. I was sort of rise not because of you, but because I have less ideas to improve traffic and rely on from my blogwalking:) OK .. I sleepy well, "but do want to sleep .. blogwalking again tomorrow to make to improve traffic

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