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In fact, many publiser indonesian business success with the Internet,
I also rarely even make their Internet business as the main income too.
but also many who failed in business on the Internet, why they failed?
simple answers, my learning stage their Internet business only fraudulent course, there is no seriousness in running the Internet business.

In the business to the Internet should have a field, is not easy to despair,
when still right in the internet business as I do not expect much from the Internet business, which we must focus is on how we can, and I understand the business of the Internet, provided that we actually easy to mention the spirit and the desire to advance in the Internet business. get the number earning the umpteenth after we learn the Internet business, the most important is we must start from the business Internet business!

although I still like you right in the Internet business but I have a right to review the business on the Internet. I lack in my post the page to learn the Internet business. What if you want to learn a lot, my internet business forums related to Internet business, a lot of info about any issue concerning the Internet business.

many also learn teachers internet business school to open online business, they distribute their knowledge about the Internet business,only depends on the business that we can make our success in running the business internet.teacher can only help us learn, so now we use time as possible to learn. not to have a few months / years learning the business think there is also the result

I can, and you can share it considered to be a true teacher is aimed to help create the right study can produce results, and not to make the right lost on the road. give guidance the right to be successful as you

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w3hol said...

bagus kok, gak kelihatan translate

harianku said...

hoalah aku ra mudeng mas, inggris e :(

bugil-baru-telanjang said...

wao udah mulai nembak enggris

therunk said...

@w3hol, masa sih :)
@harianku, sama mas. saya wong pake translate :D
@bugil, wew.. melanggar UU pornografi ga berbugil2 :))

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